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Turning a Corner

Courtney Barnes PictureFor 2 ½ years I have worked for The Council as a case manager in the TASC Program.  TASC works with individuals in the criminal justice system who have a substance use disorder and related issues.  I help clients develop and implement their plan for recovery and reintegration into the community.      

I have recently been working with a young adult in TASC.  This client is still a teenager and is at a critical learning point in his/her recovery process.  By this I mean that the client is just beginning to learn about his/her substance use disorder and what is required to stay sober.  The idea of staying sober is difficult, especially for someone who is young in years or young in their recovery process.  They believe they can still drink responsibly despite much evidence (and negative consequences) to the contrary.  

This process of growing in understanding is all part of their journey, and is a focal point for me when working with clients.  I help people understand that there is a realistic path to a better, more meaningful life, and then I help them walk the path they choose by offering guidance, resources and support.  The process involves gaining insight, learning good strategies, perseverance, support and hope.  It’s a process, not an event.   

In the case of this particular client, the path towards recovery seemed unreachable at first.  But now there has been a real change.  The client’s Mother came by my office to personally thank me for the help provided through The Council’s TASC Program.  The client’s Mother stated she is seeing some serious changes, and has never seen this level of effort before.  She simply wanted to tell me how grateful she was to see her child doing so well. 

It seems that her child has turned a corner. While all the credit goes to the client, it has been very gratifying to help along the way. 

Courtney Barnes, TASC Manager
The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.

Thanks to a Persistent Teacher, Friend and Counselor

My name is Michelle H., and I participated in The Council’s TASC Program where Greta King was my counselor.  I want to take the time to explain how Greta helped me work through my denial and defiant ways. 

When I met Greta in 2009, I had just gotten a DUI, and not by my choice I was introduced to Greta.  I had been in and out of so many programs throughout my life and none of them worked.  But this was different. 

Greta made me get honest with myself and take the first steps to recovery.  She taught me that it was ok to be an addict – just not an active addict.  Greta was so persistent and promised that if I opened-up and trusted her, she would teach me to live life clean and sober.  I finally opened-up and began to work with her in group and one-on-one.  Honestly, I believe she saved my life.  When everyone else gave up on me (including my family) Greta never did.  She worked so diligently with me.  Greta taught me life skills, coping skills and helped me recognize my triggers. When my court ordered “counseling” was complete, I continued to work with Greta.  She took so much interest in “me” and still to this day I keep in contact with her.

Greta has truly saved a lot of girls and women from her persistence and knowledge of addiction.  The TASC program would not have been as successful as it was for me and still is for so many others, and it’s all due to Greta’s persistence. 

Thank you Greta King for being such a persistent teacher, friend and one of the best counsellors I have ever come in contact with. 

Michelle H


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