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Student Assistance Program (SAP) Services

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The Council’s Student Assistance Services are provided by a trained team of state-certified, Master’s Level Student Assistance Program Counselors assigned specifically to a school district. They are dedicated to providing quality services to meet the individual needs of each district, and their students.

While we offer a large variety of services our basic school services includes: Attendance at two SAP team meetings per month, Crisis Service Assistance, Assessment services to students, Updates—SAP, Drug & Alcohol, Team Maintenance, End of Year Reports to School SAP Coordinators and Superintendents.

Please contact Melissa Groden at 267-817-4894 or email, for a full description of services available.  

Assessment Services

The purpose of a behavioral health assessment is to help identify supports available to the student and their family within the educational system and/or their community. The SAP assessment consists of two or more confidential interviews with an assessor, and is free of charge to any student referred by a school SAP team. Assessors are Master’s Level clinicians with extensive training and experience in the areas of substance abuse, adolescence, education, and mental health.

Both the student and parent/guardian are interviewed to help provide the assessor an understanding of the student’s history and any current concerns. All information gathered by the school SAP team and the assessor is used to help identify possible supports for the student.

At the conclusion of the assessment the assessor will provide the student and parent/guardian with recommendations and an appropriate referral for further supports, if necessary. Insurance or ability to pay for community support services will be taken into consideration.

Group Facilitation Services

SAP Counselors are trained to facilitate support groups for students, topics include, but are not limited to the following: Aftercare Support, Drug and Alcohol Intervention, Conflict Resolution, Changing Families, Anger Management, Girls Groups, Boy Groups. All groups are tailored to the needs of the requesting school and are available on a fee for service structure or as part of the optioned SAP Services.

SAP Training Services

The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania is a Pennsylvania Approved Student Assistance Program Trainer  for K-12 SAP Programs. Please contact Melissa Groden, Program Director for trainings available.



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