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About Prevention

Prevention is:

• The promotion of constructive lifestyles and norms that discourage drug use.

• Prevention is achieved through the application of multiple strategies; it is an ongoing process that must relate to each emerging generation.

Why do people use alcohol & drugs?

• Curiosity

• Belief that drugs are not harmful

• Belief that drugs alleviate the symptoms of depression

• As an attempt to cope with traumatic experiences, for example, childhood sexual abuse or school failure

• Sensation-seeking behavior

• Substance use by family members

• Peer pressure

• Community norms

• Exposure to pro-use message in mass media

• Access and availability

What are the basic prevention strategies?

• Raise awareness of the dangers of drug use and the benefits of constructive behavior.

• Promote good parenting skills and strengthen the family as the first defense against drug abuse.

• Provide mentoring and positive role modeling for youth. Build social skills to enable the development of strong self-image that leads to positive life decisions.

• Mobilize communities to establish environments enhancing positive personal development.

• Strengthen and support policies that promote healthy lifestyles and change community norms.


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