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Philadelphia Early Intervention Services for Youth and Families

The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. (“The Council”) and Pennsylvania Recovery Organization - Achieving Community Together (“PRO-ACT”) is thrilled to provide a comprehensive substance use and early intervention program in the Lower North and North Planning Districts in Philadelphia.  We will assess youth to determine the appropriate level of care and develop a service plan with them to engage in early intervention services.  Youth will participate in a care continuum from intervention counseling to care management.  Through individual and group services, youth will increase their protective factors while understanding the risks involved with substance use.  Families will participate in family strengthening programs and support groups to increase the familial bond and receive education on the impact of substance use on the family.  Universal community awareness will be spread through educational groups offered to youth and families to intervene before early introduction to substance use.

Program Objectives:

  1. Provide services which help young people recognize the harmful consequences of high-risk substance use and/or addiction.

  2. Develop a community wide response to the growing substance use issues among young people and their families.

  3. Provide young people at high risk of addiction with protective factors which will help them make positive decisions concerning substance use.

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