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Alcohol & Other Drug Awareness Program for Adolescents and Young Adults

Adolescent and young adult alcohol and other drug use is a serious problem, not just legally, but developmentally.  The human brain is not fully developed until an individual is in their early 20’s.  With this being the case, adding mind-altering, foreign substances into the body is a serious issue that can have lifetime effects. 

There’s the obvious problem of how alcohol and other drugs affect the individual using them, but there’s also the issue of how substance use affects the friends and family of the using individual and the community at large. 

With advertising for alcohol ever present in our society and the increasing legalization of cannabis throughout the United States, it’s imperative that alcohol and other drug education/intervention programs operate to educate our youth about the inherent dangers of substance use.  Young people need to be given the facts about what they are putting into their bodies and how their use affects them, the people around them, and the surrounding community.  With this information, individuals will be making informed decisions when it comes to alcohol and other drug use.

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