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About Services to Bucks County Children & Youth

About Assessments
An assessment is a one-on-one interview designed to determine an individual’s level of alcohol or other drug problems (if any) and to make appropriate recommendations for their treatment. Assessments generally take from one to one and a half hours to complete.

About Outreach
Outreach is a service offered to individuals who may be new to the treatment or recovery process, or to those who have experienced multiple treatments and relapses, and are in need of continued assistance and support. Outreach visits take place in the client’s home, at our offices, or in another safe place in the community. Outreach workers collaborate with clients to set and reach goals around abstinence from alcohol and other drug use.

The ultimate outcome is the establishment of a supportive relationship that fosters and models sobriety and helps the client form a relapse prevention plan.

About Family Strengthening
The family strengthening program is for those who have someone in their family that has a problem with alcohol or other drugs, or who is in early recovery from addiction. Families must be involved with Bucks County Children & Youth as part of the kinship network responsible for taking care of an addicted parent’s child(ren).

The program consists of seven curriculum-driven sessions brought to the family home or another safe place in the community. We will meet with families evenings and weekends to accommodate schedules. We provide information and support to families dealing with addiction so that they can become more resilient and healthy.

The program assists the family in:

  • understanding the disease of chemical dependency and how it affects the family
  • exploring their feelings about addiction and recovery
  • practicing healthy ways of communicating with one another
  • understanding their role in the disease as well as their role in recovery
  • identifying tools for talking with children about addiction and recovery
  • identifying ways they can take care of themselves
  • understanding what to expect in the recovery process

Please note: the family strengthening program is not for the individual who has the substance use disorder, but for the surrounding family. Please see other services for programs offered to individuals.


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