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Client Feedback

“After completing 6 months in the Outreach Program, I really feel like I have a good relapse prevention plan. I have been encouraged to meet sober people and I feel confident that I will be able to care for my children.”

 “The Outreach Program has helped me to identify my relapse triggers and has helped me focus on putting my recovery first. My Outreach worker met with me when I needed her most and today I have 4 months sober.”

“Family Strengthening has really helped me understand addiction as a disease; I never thought that it was. The instructor was patient and understanding and the sessions were helpful.”

“Family Strengthening gave me the tools to love my daughter without enabling her in addiction. I have learned to detach and keep healthy limits. Thank You!”

 “Family Strengthening has opened my eyes to the disease of addiction and the importance of taking care of myself even if my son is choosing to get high. I need to be able to care for my grandchildren and move on with my life.”



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