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Programs & Services

CRN Evaluation
CRN is an acronym for Court Reporting Network. This is an Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) evaluation, required by the state of Pennsylvania for each DUI. Each CRN appointment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  A CRN evaluation is a set of roughly 115 questions pertaining to AOD use, with specific questions about the day of and the month leading up to the DUI charge.  Based on this evaluation, the state may require an alcohol and other drug assessment be completed as a requirement for a DUI charge.

Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment 
An assessment is a comprehensive view of an individual focusing on their alcohol and other drug use.  An assessment also surveys a client’s emotional/psychiatric background, family/social life, legal history, schooling, employment, and medical history in relation to their alcohol and other drug use.  Based on the assessment, an individual is given a plan to address any issues/concerns that came to light during the assessment.

Alcohol Highway Safety School 
Alcohol Highway Safety (AHS) is an education program that teaches about the effects of alcohol and other drugs (AODs) on the individual, their family and their community. The AHS program gives an individual a solid foundation about the inherent dangers that come along with the use of AODs.

Alcohol Highway Safety School & Intervention 
The intervention component allows individuals to explore personal issues that might be contributing to AOD abuse. After receiving a solid education from the AHS group, the intervention program encourages individuals to explore how AODs can interfere with their values.

Outpatient Treatment 
Our outpatient treatment program is a state licensed program that offers group and individual sessions.  We work with clients to develop an individualized treatment plan.  Next, clients are exposed to various tools that will allow them to work through and develop skills that will help to overcome the inherent dangers involved with alcohol and other drug abuse/addiction.  We offer services during various days, so please call for availability. 




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