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Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC)

Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC) provides a bridge between the Criminal Justice System and the Drug and Alcohol treatment community. Potential clients are identified and as­sessed to determine treatment need and potential. Accepted individuals are referred to the appropriate facility and monitored throughout their involvement by our case managers. TASC participants are offered numerous resources in their community. Clients have the chance to change within the community and are allotted personalized service plans to fit their individual needs. We offer clients a new way to live without alcohol and other drugs and help improve other interfering factors to live a more prudent lifestyle. This is an opportunity for individuals, whose drug and alco­hol abuse has led them to criminal activity, to turn their lives around.

Programs and Services

Case Management
If accepted into the TASC program, clients will be assigned a case manager that will assist that client in accessing recommended services. Recommended services are determined through an alcohol and other drug assessment.

Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment
An assessment is a comprehensive view of an individual focusing on their alcohol and other drug use. An assessment also surveys a client’s emotional/psychiatric background, family/social life, legal history, schooling, employment, and medical history in relation to their alcohol and other drug use. Based on the assessment, an individual is given a plan to address any issues/concerns that came to light during the assessment.

Cognitive Skills Group
This is a twelve-week, rotating group that meets weekly. During the twelve weeks, group dynamics give members three important opportunities: the ability to gain insight into the disease concept of addiction, a means to communicate and disclose in a healthy manner, and to learn more beneficial coping skills to life’s problems. The group establishes key concepts such as trust, honesty, and open-mindedness that they may once have struggled with.

Alcohol and other Drug Screens
TASC offers alcohol and other drug swabbing if requested.

1:1 appointment
TASC clients have the opportunity for weekly appointments to maintain one-on-one contact with their case manager. During this time, successes and possible obstacles are discussed and plans are developed for the client.

TASC case managers are advocates for their clients and offer various supports and collaboration from other resources within the community.

If participants are referred by an agency, TASC case managers will provide monthly reporting on the participant’s progress.


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