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Client Feedback

“This program has had an intensely positive impact on my life. During my pregnancy, MOMS helped me to stay clean and stress free. My caseworker has taught me to cope with life, and she helps me to access other programs that help my son and me. I look forward to our meetings with a sense of hope and relief. It’s good to know people care about us and want us to succeed when everyone else has given up.”

“This program will bring out a person you never thought you would know. This program will help you achieve your every goal.”

“I feel the MOMS Program is the perfect start for any mother overcoming any addiction and I definitely recommend this program. Through their support, patience, and in home visits I have felt comfortable and gained the self-respect I’ve never had and need for my continued growth in recovery.”

“At first I felt helpless so I self medicated. Realizing this was not the answer I needed to find someone to understand, and MOMS provided that for me and my family. I learned to savor every moment and to take life day by day. My importance has become caring and loving my children every second of every day. They are my world and I’m happy to have found my calling.”

“The MOMS Program has given me the tools, courage and support to make better decisions for my children and my life. It has given me a greater perspective on life to be able to move on in a positive way. Thank you, MOMS.”

“The MOMS Program supported me for over three years as I rediscovered who I was as a sober woman and a mom. My caseworker was there for me every step of the way and helped me make good choices. Today, I have custody of my two boys, completed college, have my own place and car, and sustain my recovery!”

“The MOMS Program accepted me even though I was on methadone and battling everyday to stay clean. They met me in many locations and helped me get things for my baby. They encouraged me to believe in myself. Today, I have one year clean. Thank You.”



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