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Recovery Support Trainings

Peer leaders at the at all our centers draw from their own experience to provide practical skill-building support and opportunities for others.  Our peer-delivered services aim to help people initiate and sustain long-term recovery while gaining overall wellness through:

  • Information and referral (800-221-6333)
  • Recovery Mentoring and Coaching
  • Peer-facilitated Recovery Support Groups
  • Life skills
  • Tobacco cessation support group
  • Holistic recovery options
  • Discussion groups
  • Information and resource referrals
  • Educational seminars and workshops
  • Physical recreation including yoga
  • Family Education Program
  • Education and career planning
  • Volunteer trainings
  • Workforce Development Trainings - Saturdays at the Center
  • Sober Social Events

Programming is driven by our volunteers and community members.  If you would like to begin or receive a program that is not offered, contact us and we will work with you to make it a reality. Please visit our Calendars & Registration page to find a complete listing of programs and to register. 

Discussion, Support Groups and Events:

Recovery Coaching - Recovery Coaching is a relatively new approach in assisting an individual in his or her pursuit of a clean and sober lifestyle.  A unique aspect of Recovery Coaching is to turn problems into opportunities by reframing life's situations and addressing the many persistent inner critics a person may have.  While the appproach taken in Recovery Coaching may be somewhat different from some more long-standing models, it works in concert with all of them.  A Recovery Coach looks at the whole person, while focusing on wellness.  The Recovery Coach helps people design their future, rather than dwelling on thier past.  They reinforce the ability to seek solutions and think of possibilities, emphasize the importance of being optimistic, and elaborate on the brilliance and potential for greeatness in people

Recovery Skills Workshop - recovery management often requires certain life skills necessary for becoming a successful and productive member of society.  PRO-ACT offers 12 workshops designed to help the recovering person how to develop and use these skills while managing their recovery. 

Dual Recovery Support Group - This group discusses issues related to being in recovery from drugs and alcohol and mental illness as well.  Various topics are discussed and participants offer personal experience, support and insight.  Participants learn from each other how to incorporate recovery principles and perspectives to overcome common areas of difficulty, and also enlightened to strategies that may enhance their recovery journey and help support long-term recovery goals. 

A Women's Way to Change - Many women have expressed difficulty discussing issues in a group setting with men present due to past experiences.  The Women's Way to Change support group will discuss gender-specific challenges in recovery as well as offer resources in the community available for women's health needs.  Professional presenters will be invited for various women's health topics.    

Life Skills - Learn or re-learn the basic life skill.  Attending this 12 session group will help establish the basic skills needed in everyday life.  At the end of the group you will receive a certificate of completion.

Smoking Cessation Support Group - This support group is an opportunity to talk about your tobacco journey and your tobacco-free goals.  This group is designed to help motivate and meet the participants right where they are.

Beginner Yoga Classes- Learn yoga to strengthen your body and mind in your recovery.  Meeting take place every Monday and include an introduction to meditation.

Job Readiness Workshop- Looking for work? Are you properly prepared?  Are you taking the necessary steps to seek, obtain and maintain employment?  Join us for and eight week workshop on job readiness as we help you prepare for the workforce.   

Booklet Discussion Groups- Join us as we reinforce the recovery journey by gaining some direction from various recovery oriented booklets.  After reading the selected literature, the group discusses what we have learned and how it may apply to our lives.  Booklets are handed out during group time and used free of charge.

Volunteer Meetings - Volunteers and the Volunteer Coordinator meet so that each volunteer has an opportunity to meet his/her peers to receive support, exchange ideas, create/confirm schedules and/or assignments, participate in planning and address concerns. 

Saturday's at the Center Training Series:

Saturday's at the Center is a workforce development project consisting of a series of behavioral health topics.  All sessions are PCB approved or have approval pending for 3 PCB credits per session.  Attendance is ideal for anyone interested in obtaining a certification or re-certification of any credential requiring PCB credit hours.  All topic areas meet the requirements for certification for becoming a Certified Recovery Specialist.  Each session costs $15.00. 

Sober Social Events:

Movie Break - take a break from your week and watch a movie with a recovery theme.  A short discussion will follow the movie.

Fun Fridays at the Center - join us every Friday and come together to socialize, have fun and win prizes without the use of alcohol or drugs.

Educational Movies  - join us as we watch documentaries and educational films aimed at educating America about addiction as a brain disease and its treatment as such. 


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