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Volunteer Opportunities

“Giving back” is a proud and rewarding tradition within the recovery community. Those who have dealt with their own addiction or the addiction of others extend a hand to those seeking recovery and, in the process, achieve a deeper commitment to their own recovery.  Volunteers wishing to give back receive preliminary training on what it means to be a volunteer and what role they can play in helping others achieve and sustain recovery.

PRO-ACT Family Education Program Facilitator
In Bucks County we help over 200 families every year to understand what they must do to get their loved ones into recovery and to learn how enabling affects family dynamics. For more information contact Alison Slickers at 215-345-6644.

PRO-ACT Mentor +
Since its inception our mentors have helped 475 Bucks County ex-offenders with their reentry into society and their maintenance of  recovery from addiction. For more information contact Eileen Martin.

Public Policy Advocates
Helping combat the stigma and persuading policy makers that recovery benefits individuals and society alike is the realm of the Southeast PA Regional Public Policy Committee. The Committee takes on Public Policy issues affecting our constituency like Human Services Budgets, Photo ID and General Assistance. . For more information contact Noni West ,  215-345-6644.

Recovery Community Centers
Recovery community centers provide sites for training, counseling, mutual support and a place to volunteer.

Recovery Training Center, Fred Martin 215-923-1661

Philadelphia RCC, Denise McCulley 215-223-7700

Southern Bucks RCC, 215-788-3738

Womens RCC, Heather Fechtenburg 215-489-6120

Central Bucks RSS, 215-788-3738

Chester County,Jacqueline ter Kuile 610-675-4235

Montgomery County, Per Hagen 610-675-4208