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What is a Recovery Community Center (RCC)?

The PRO-ACT Recovery Community Centers (RCC) are a resource for education, information, support and socialization for those in recovery and their family and friends. It is meant to authenticate that recovery from the disease of addiction is possible.  Our Recovery Community Centers are the hubs for all of our services.   

The basis of services and programming available through the Recovery Centers are Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS). These are non-clinical services focusing on removing barriers and providing invaluable resources to those who are seeking to achieve and maintain long- term recovery. Peer Driven and Peer Delivered Support Services are fueled by the energy of volunteers who seek to share their experience and knowledge with others. The support offered is not meant to replace treatment or 12 Step support.  PRSS acknowledge multiple pathways to Recovery. 

A Recovery Community Center promotes improving quality of life, preventing relapse and sustaining recovery. It is not a clubhouse. It is a place where life’s challenges are faced with solutions and guidance. It is a place where skills are shared and learned. It is a place where isolation becomes inclusion and strangers become friends.

The development and provision of peer-driven support services are a priority for PRO-ACT.  We provide a growing matrix of peer-to-peer support services which has led to the opening of three Recovery Community Centers, now the hub for all our services.  Each center is unique in that it provides services, specific to their area, identified to be important and necessary to support the needs of those wishing to access and sustain long term recovery.


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